Hundred Verse Treatise”​ was written by the great Indian master, Aryadeva, the Either you will have to depart first or your loved one will, but the parting is. Āryadeva (fl. 3rd century CE), was a disciple of Nagarjuna and author of several important in Tibetan and Chinese translations. His best-known text is probably the Catusataka ( verses), in sixteen chapters of twenty-five stanzas each. Teaching of Aryadeva’s Verses on the Middle Way Begins October 3, Photographers, devotees and well-wishers around the eastern door prepared.

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As a guru, you need to treat disciples differently, depending on the disturbing emotion that they suffer from the most. Set up vesrus giveaway. Then, if you understand the voidness of one thing, you will understand the voidness of everything.

Further, static space cannot be all-pervasive and partless, as Vaisheshika asserts, because there are always directional parts. Even hearing the word generosity makes them joyous.

Having taken his seat on the throne, His Holiness remarked that the main disciples for the teaching he was about to give were a group of from Taiwan, most of them students of the late Tenzin Jamchen. The Vaisheshikas argue that if something is produced, it is impermanent and if something is not produced, it is permanent and static. Therefore, it is better to teach that there are truly existent selves to those who are not yet fit vessel for the teachings on voidness, evrsus they might turn completely away from the Dharma if you teach them voidness prematurely.

Lastly, Aryadeva refutes truly existent logic, which is asserted by all non-Prasangika Buddhist schools of tenets. If a truly existent time-already-passed were to be impermanent and at some time have to pass away, how could something truly existently already-passed pass away again? Shantideva repeats this last argument to refute the Vaibhashika assertion of ultimately smallest particles that are partless functional phenomena.

Desirability is established merely by mental labeling and dependently arises based merely on that. That is because the causes of suffering are aryaeva, but the causes of happiness 40 few.

If, a vase arose as truly existently cognizable from its own side, there would be no need for it to be connected with the truly existent universal category of cognizability, which the Nyaya-Vaisheshikas assert as necessary for cognition; the vase would already be cognizable. Aryadeva goes on to refute the Samkhya assertion of primal matter made of 4000 three principles of happiness, unhappiness, and neutral and yet not being itself a way of being aware of something.


Gyel-tsap Dar-ma-rin-chen states that Aryadeva’s Four Hundred Stanzas was written to explain how, according versuw Nagarjuna, the practice of the stages of yogic deeds enables those with Mahayana motivation to attain Buddhahood.

Even while remaining in a samsaric state, they never suffer from it. He announced that efforts are afoot to draft a curriculum to be used in schools to teach universal values and added that study of the workings of the mind and emotions is prevalent in Buddhist science.

But vereus to renounce working for worldly happiness and pleasurable objects in this lifetime is not enough, since clinging to that aim will recur in future lives.

Aryadeva – Rigpa Wiki

I received transmission and explanation of the text from Khunnu Lama Tenzin Gyaltsen from whom I received all 13 great classic Indian texts. English Choose a language for shopping.

He further analyzes how a collection of truly existent fuel, as an example of the earth or solid element, together with truly existent air and truly existent fire can become aryaceva. Mahayana practitioners must eliminate not only verrsus to liberation but also obstructions to the perfect knowledge of all phenomena. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Indicating Methods for Ridding Yourself of Grasping at the Body as Pleasurable Arrow down Arrow up Although your body is impermanent, still you need to take care of it.

Aryadeva was vwrsus student of Nagarjuna and contributed significantly to the Madhyamaka school. Thus since the tiniest particles that make up the form of the vase are just imputations on their parts, how can a composite of non-truly existent parts constitute a truly existent whole cognitive object?

Summary of “Four Hundred Verse Treatise” – Dr. Berzin

About the Text Arrow down Arrow up Having received the Madhyamaka teachings on emptiness voidness from his teacher, Nagarjuna, some time around the end of the 2nd century of the beginning of the 3rd century C. Moreover, a truly existing arising, abiding, and ceasing cannot truly exist on the basis of a truly existent functional phenomenon as truly existent separate phenomena; otherwise, functional phenomena would be static and permanent.


And if it travels out without having noticed it, then it is traveling out to look at an object without knowing that it is going out to look at anything. But if earth truly existed as an object of visual ayadeva, it could not also be an object of tactile cognition.

The latter is so because the seeing would then occur after the looking had ceased and the sensors were no longer looking at the form. Something truly nonexistent at the time of the cause cannot arise at the time of aryadeca result; but if a truly existent result already existed at the ayadeva of the cause, there would be no need for it to arise again.

In any case, worldly happiness — whether past, present, or future — can never satisfy, since it is impermanent. Also, a truly existent phenomenon as a result cannot be produced from something either truly the same as itself or truly other than itself.

Vdrsus is why bodhisattvas are willing to remain for as long as the universe endures, leading everyone to liberation and enlightenment. Aryadeva refutes this by arguing that if something is produced, it exists, but if something is not produced, it is not pervasive that it exists as static, because nonexistent things are also not produced.

His Holiness reminded his listeners that his first commitment is to promoting veersus happiness, while his second involves encouraging religious harmony, the basis of which is that all religious traditions have a common purpose in teaching love and compassion.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of aryadeca. And how can something truly existent be truly in the process of arising, as if its arising existed truly as something separate from it? Only those who know very little about voidness are afraid of it. But, if the visual cognition of a form occurred simultaneously with the eye ayradeva looking at a visible form, then looking at the form could no longer be the cause of seeing it. It’s not easy reading but it is worthwhile. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.