For complete information on a command’s capabilities and restrictions, see the man page. Man pages for PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX® commands are. Important files: odmget HACMPlogs shows where are the log files odmget HACMPcluster shows cluster version odmget HACMPnode shows. There is no specific command to get the PowerHA version. However, the version of the fileset actually reflects the PowerHA.

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How to create resource group sapRG with nodes n1,n2 in cascade. There’s a very nice page about AIX cluster. How to show short resource group information. How to rotate some of the log files. How to change the cluster node name node5 to node3. Identify the available group functions.

HACMP: Cluster Commandline

How to list the nodes with active cluster manager processes hamcp cluster manager on node node1clgetaddr node1 returns a pingable address from node node1.


How to list cluster topology information. Create and configure a PDB. Chained row, Row migration.

Kill ALL user sessions. Since it is not guaranteed that the hdisks are numbered the same way across all nodes you need to specify a reference node with the “-R” switch: How to show info about all vommands modules. Use a set operator to combine multiple queries into a single query. Again a reference node has to be specified.

How to list the local view of the cluster subsystems. The map file must only contain the additional mappings. How to show heartbeat information. Join a table to itself by using a self-join. How to add node5 to the cluster.

How to show info about ether network module. How to list the shared lvs. How to show heartbeat information. Alert log daily rotation.

gregoryguide: Useful HACMP Commands

How to do graceful shutdown immediately with takeover. Explain the theoretical and physical aspects of a relational database.


How to create a large snapshot of the hacmp configuration. Thanks a million for your help!

AIX: HACMP Commands

Move a data file online. Then we create the filessystem on top of the just created LV X utility for cluster configuration. How to show resource information by node. How to delete the resource group appRG and related resources.

Write single-row and multiple-row subqueries.

Describe the features of Oracle Database 12c.