The accounting standard FRS issued in March states that the ABI SORP will be withdrawn ‘once FRS is effective’ for accounting periods. FRS is based on IFRS 4, FRS 27 Life. Assurance (now withdrawn by FRS ) and elements of the ABI SORP. It broadly allows entities to continue with their. practices from FRS 27 ‘Life Assurance’ and the ABI SORP. withdrawing FRS 27 , alongside the expected withdrawal of ABI SORP, once draft.

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FRS 10 things (re)insurers need to know

Although it abk expected that the transition to FRS will not require significant changes to the way in which most entities account for insurance contracts, it allows them the flexibility to take advantage of improvement options similar to those available to entities applying IFRS 4. Although the new standards are effective from 1 January we would expect that some companies may start early adopting the new standards in FRS requires life insurers, which are subsidiaries of an entity that provides capital disclosures, to make disclosures in the notes of the financial statements about their capital position.

As entities are well on their way to completing their financial statements under the new Irish GAAP, Martina Fitzpatrick highlights 10 timely and important points for insurers to consider.

FRS contains exemptions for xbi parent and subsidiary undertakings from its full disclosure requirements but insurance companies are prohibited from using the disclosure exemptions that apply to financial instruments, fair value disclosures and capital disclosures.


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General Insurance Manual

This exercise will determine which contracts are within the scope of FRS Transitional relief is available on first-time adoption, which abbi the reporting of this information for an initial period of five years. All companies that are considering a change or are required to change their current basis of accounting should avi a detailed analysis of the different options available so that they can make an informed choice about the approach that they intend to adopt.

Networking and special interest groups. Where an insurance contract contains a separable embedded derivative, FRS requires the separable embedded derivative to be accounted for separately in accordance with Sections 11 and 12 of FRSunless the embedded derivative is itself an insurance contract and for certain policyholder surrender options. UK is being rebuilt — find out what beta means.

FRS 103: 10 things (re)insurers need to know…

How will these changes affect UK insurance companies? A key characteristic of reinsurance is the transfer and assumption of significant insurance risk.

When an insurance contract contains a discretionary participation feature DPF as well as a guaranteed element, entities may recognise the guaranteed element separately as a liability. Course enrolment information for firms. Register for a school visit.

However, until the new insurance standard FRS is issued it might prove difficult for insurers to finalise their plans, and it might not be possible for insurers to early adopt the new suite of standards in However, those that have not previously had to apply FRS 26 are now required to disclose their exposure to insurance and financial risks; detail their policies for managing those risks; outline sensitivity soorp changes in financial and insurance risk variables; and retain historic non-life claims development information for a period of 10 years.


Contracts written as insurance business that do not meet the definition of an insurance contract will apply Sections 11 and 12 Financial Instruments of Zbi and can be valued at amortised cost or fair value, depending on the nature — complex or not — of the financial instrument.

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FAQs ani Chartered Accountants. CAP2 Spring Revision Improvements and changes can be made provided the new policies are not in conflict with local regulatory and legal requirements; the change will produce information that is more relevant to the decision-making needs of users; and the information provided is no less reliable. The latest news to your inbox.

Entities are allowed to continue with their existing accounting policies and practices for insurance contracts. Skip to main content. View all the services available for students of the Institute. This is in contrast to the FRS requirements to fair value non-insurance contracts.

Reduced disclosure requirements, but insurers will not be permitted to use the disclosure exemptions relating to IFRS 7 Financial Soro What were you doing?