Warrior angels, vampire hunters, and angels gone bad heat up this altogether sizzling paranormal alternate universe. This anthology of novellas features. Angels’ Flight is a collection of novellas set in Nalini Singh’s popular urban fantasy/romance Guild Hunter series. All the stories are set in the Guild Hunter world. Angels’ Flight () — collection of shorts by Nalini Singh —all part of the Guild Hunter series. Romantic Urban Fantasy.

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Angels’ Flight

Please try again later. A crippled wing has left her the only angel unable to fly. IDK, it felt slightly stilted to me.

While Noel begin investigate the suspect, he learn that Nimra maybe not cruel. The review below is flighg from the Angels of Darkness review. Anyway, Galen was great but he deserved better than that awful Jessamy. In this book you will find 4 short stories, 4 compellingfascinating and remarkable reads. The world that Singh creates is terrifying and riveting, making me wish there were more stories set in this world to devour.

Angels’ Flight (Audiobook) by Nalini Singh |

Write a customer review. I liked both Jessamy and Galen. Then he shifted again and her eyes flew to the magnificent breadth of his shoulders, the primal power of him a fiercely controlled thing that birthed a wild, unexpected fascination in her. Dark and Stormy Knights By: Even though Nimra retains her humanity she is still fligyt dangerous creature who effectively rules her territory. Wait for me, Jess.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Honestly, why even make Jessamy so old when she came across as a whiny inexperienced little girl?! However, the order in which the publisher placed the novellas in the collection is not the order in which they should be read. Sara is angwls in line to become the head of the Guild at the beginning of the novella and she is dealing with a lot of pressure due to this position.


Angels’ Pawn is a tale of flirtation and danger set in the Guild Hunter world. This was my second favorite story of the collection.

Contents [ show ]. Deacon gives up his Slayer duties and his loner lifestyle so he can be with Sara, which was sweet but unrealistic — what kind of person would change their whole lives for someone they’ve known for a few days?!

Ashwini and Janvier have no reason to be drawn to each other – but they are.

I guess Abgels didn’t read the quirk of the story before downloading, my bad. There’s something really anyels, easy-going about them, they fit. Set years before the time-line we have been reading so far, this story gives us the chance to re-discover the love between Galen and Jessamy, see how the fell in love.

All the stories are set in the Guild Hunter world and between them feature nice mixture of human, vampire and angel characters and relationships. The chemistry was off the charts with these two and those love scenes, steamy. But I did enjoy watching her breathe new life into Noel’s broken spirit. Anyels and Noel need each other to remain stable mentally and I thought the scenes between them were very cute. The scenes are so vivd bring the characters and world to life.

Angels’ Flight | Urban Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Vampires are “made” by the angels by draining off their negative energies into nalinni candidate. There were enough details about Raphael and Elena to perk my interest in reading their stories again, but I also got a deeper look at a few characters I have wondered about for a while.

The whole thing serves as a little slice of life for the Guild Hunter, but it also showcases the sexy dynamic between Ash and Janvier.


Their romance was so sweet and they make an absolutely adorable couple. She has worked as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, a bank temp and an English teacher, not necessarily in that order.

The whole story just pissed me off because it was like saying that people born with disabilities are too insecure to have normal relationships. Yet, for all her accomplishments, she harbors a deep-seated sadness, for she was naljni deformed and cannot escape to the skies like her angelic brethen. It’s action-packed and gritty. He awakens feelings in her that she never thought she would have.

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It’s annoying how Singh describes things by comparing them to random shit like ice, metal and animals — a cold blade of warning, a quiet question formed of pure ice, his voice as sensual as the magnolia-scented night, dlight male with an edge of steel. Nalini Singh spins a captivating story while presenting vibrant relationships that catch the heart and the imagination…. Noel was always one of Raphael’s most trusted vampires, not far below the seven in terms of the hierarchy, but now he has been sent to the court of the angel Nimra.

For another, it gave us a chance to see her struggle with her decision on the director position. Nalini Singh spent three years working in Japan as an English teacher and touring other parts of Asia.

I loved seeing Raphael with Jessamy. Looking for beautiful books? I’m not a short story or novella person, so automatically I was like, “OH boo” when this showed up on my kindle.