Lc meletinsky, eleazar sociedades, culturas y hecho literario. A todos ellos deben afiadirse una introducci6n a ia teoria literaria. Now you can watch full. Title, Teoría literaria. Lingüística y teoría literaria. Contributors, Marc Angenot, Jean Bessière, Douwe Wessel Fokkema, Eva Kushner. Publisher, Siglo Veintiuno. Title, Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas. Volume 51 of Nova enciclopédia. Author, Marc Angenot. Contributor, Edmond Cros. Publisher, Dom Quixote.

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For example, Edgar Allan Poeadopted together with his siblings by prosperous Baltimore merchants, by manifesting interest in productive thought at the expense of business profitability, elicited ligeraria displeasure of his adoptive father, who wanted him to continue the prosperity of the family.

The study of how people think, act, influence and relate to each other is part of the context of Social Psychology, a branch of Psychology that, in the 20th century, has been devoted to an attempt to dialogue with the Social Sciences, also dealing with the social experience acquired by the individuals who participate in different social movements.

But these characteristics overlap so constantly that the complex situations in which they are involved and on which they act deserve more acute observations than the possibility of fitting them into a specific social type. In the psychology of the writer there is the presence of the psychological interpretation of biographies and autobiographies of other writers, which help him learn about the authors.

By considering that a major work of art always includes a vision of the world that, whether troria or denied, is an integral part of its meaningDante Moreira Leite seeks to present some questions about literary works for which contemporary psychology has its own perspective, differing from the perspectives of other sciences and of literary criticism itself, such as imitation,suggestion, the peception aangenot shapes, the description of characters, the learning of taste, among others, although without aspiring to the presentation of a general or total solution for its analysis.

This involvement with the text is seen as a type of tangle in which what is strange will be understood and assimilated. In the Houaiss and Villar dictionryp. Psychology of literature and literature in psychology.

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According to Iser, it is by filling out the gaps and the blanks of a text that the reader will reach its meaning. In order to examine the interaction between the text and the reader, Iser looks for those qualities of the text that render it legible, deserving to be read, or that influence our angenkt, as well as the charactistics of the reading process that are essential for the comprehension of the text.

Leite believes that, in the creation of a work of art, the author goes beyond the superficial and apparent aspects of everyday life teooria from a historical and sociological perspective in the search of what, abgenot being expressed about the human psychological condition, will continue to be valid in highly diverse situations. In turn, the collection of subjectivities and cultural images of a people is conceived by Durand as a response to the human anguish in the face of the finitude of life i.


This presentation of fundaments for a theory of artistic production, however, deserves a specific discussion, such as that performed by Bordieuwhich is beyond the purposes of the present study. Liiteraria representing reality or by yeoria, a literary work may show realistic intentions, with a character being dentified as a social individual; conventional semantic intentions with the text acting as a mediator of the instances that occur in the narrative; simulation intentions, in which what can be said or not said is always indirect; and social symbolization intentions, with the narrative involving a consideration of the manner how society symbolizes itself.

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And, starting from Romanticism, a more marked subjective tendency towards artistic themes and towards interest in criticism is added to these facts.

A fever called living. In other words, according to Iser, the texts, in general, contain statements that can be understood by the reader mixed with other statements that require from the reader a complementation of meaning, a filling of their “gaps” i.

When facing a text, we constantly project expectations that can be satisfied or disappointed; at the teoia time our reading is conditioned by the renunciation of sentences and concretizations.

In parallel, heredity has been superimposed on previous or temporary experience, causing behavior to be understood as the result of an interaction with the environment. The same author states that, by filling these “gaps” i. Actually, it is rare for us to think litegaria a an isolated class. This active complementation by the reader causes him to wonder at any instant whether the formulation of the meaning he is performing is adequate for the reading he is carrying out.

Nevertheless, psychology can also study the various methods of agnenot, correction and rewriting practiced by writers.

Within this context, the writer, as an individual, is a unique being highlighted in the uniqueness that conjugates the human ensemble of individuals. The refinement of the descriptions of personalities, according to Leite, is often based on literary descriptions or on descriptions of persons who, not yet described by specialists in psychology, add much value and content to the studies of these specialists.

The Study of the Effects of Literature on the Readers. In this endeavor, those who study this topic, such as Leite and Wellek and Warrenin an attempt to contribute to the understanding of this relationship, have tried to clarify what the relationship between psychology and literature deals with, describing its reach and its fragilities.

As plane characters, their role is tied to a specific teora or to a generalized conduct, a characteristic that also distances them from caricature, which involves a unique quality or idea taken to the extreme, so that such distortion purposefully evokes a satire.

Within this context, Coleridge, one of the creators of romanticism in England, by admitting that the full vitality of the senses can be experienced only through imagination, elevated the latter to the creative power of God. The Study of Laws.

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A common practice in historical novels, the presence of the type, according to Kaufmanis justified by the necessity of the extistence of representatives of a given milieu or social class in whose fictional literaia are reflected important trends and historical changes. Because our reading is determined by this dialectic, the basic activity of the reader, according to Iser, resides in the constitution of the meaning stimulated by the text, with this meaning taking shape through the connection of the constitutive elements of the text and of its articulation and combinations responsible for its coherence and cohesion.

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It should be emphasized that, as abstractions created to support these schemes of understanding, none of these typologies explains the individual as a whole. According to the Literariw psychologist Rudolf Arnheimit is the task of creative imagination to enable man to translate the physical appearance of objects into appropriate forms for given contexts, this being due to the psychological reason that, in the human perception and thinking, the similarity is not based on a meticulous identity, but toria on the correspondence of essential structural characteristics.

Based on the definition of libido by Freud as mental life characterized by the search for pleasure, for love Eros and distancing from pain and death Thanatosand of the “Id” as the most profound and primitive art of the personality and “Ego” as the part of personality in contact with reality, Leite indicates these cpncepts as a framework for the focalization on literary analyses between organism and environment.

Jaus, A literatura e o leitor: The gaps also interrupt a good continuation i.

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Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: However, still according to the author p. According to the authorit is the necessity to explain art based on the characteristics of an individual once the loss of social belief in the supernatural is recognized, as well as the loss of belief in the hereditary determination of individual characteristics and in sociological explanations as the origin literarria these differences.

This opinion was shared by the German philosopher Schlegel, who understood imagination as the ability to associate images at the consciousness level, in contrast to fantasy, which appears to operate with images arising from the frontier with the unconscious. Explore the Home Gift Guide. By connecting the elements of this scheme with one another, we understand that they are litearia for a schematic representation of the process of textual reception. This argument was taken up again by Descartespp.

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