Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. La obra de Phelipe Guamán Poma de Ayala “Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno.” (Escrita entre y ) by Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala(Book). Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in Its activities.

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The book only dealt with the idea of Atlantis in Antarctica in the first couple of chapters [ ]. T he C radle of A merican M an, in ponansky volumes [ ].

His attention was drawn even further south to Antarctica where he controversially concluded that man had originated rather than Africa. As captain and owner of the shallow-draught steamer and blockade runnerIrisPosnansky rescued the survivors of the Acre garrison during the Acre Campaign in Brazil.

Biography of Arturo Posnansky Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in This sacred symbol, like the cross of the Redeemer in Christian religion, spread from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska. There one can study clearly “by periods” the wearing away due to erosion.

Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Plsnansky origin born in Vienna in and died in Artiro Paz in A new revised and expanded hardcopy edition, entitled Atlantis Beneath the Ice, wa s published in April [ ].

In the course of the excavations carried out by the Crequi de Montfort Mission, the spillway was visible for a few days; then fortunately slides of earth and the rains covered it again with a protective layer which saved it for the benefit of future studies. Ill with stair case designed walls in its interior, as best can be judged from the scant extant remains available when these ruins were first studied at the end of Supposing that the high plain had had, in the period of the splendor of Tihuanacuthe inclination to the south that it has now, a barrier several hundred meters high would have been necessary to prevent the lake from draining toward the south, or toward what now constitutes the Argentine Republic.

It has been proven, by the studies and conclusions of celebrated authorities in modern geology and geography, especially by the monumental works of Professor Albrecht Penckformer Director and Founder of the Oceanographic Institute of Berlin, that the continental ices of Europe exerted an enormous pressure on those lands, over which they lay.

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Much before and also after the studies undertaken by the author begun before scholars and others who laid claim to such a title, thought of artkro the age of the remains of remote periods through the principles of astronomy. They perceived clear evidence of a global catastrophe in the tenth millennium BC in worldwide myths.

The losnansky of these investigations were published in books such as The Islands of Titicaca and Koati and Rasas y monumentos prehistoricos del Altiplano Andino. It was necessary and it is logical to suppose that there would be a period of transition between the two forms of dwelling and this is seen in the completely subterranean dwelling that we have in Tihuanacu. In this huge work he controversially claimed that Tiahuanaco had been built around BC.

At this time, he was deeply involved in cognate studies. He also lectured about archaeological subjects in Berlin, Frankfort, Nuremberg, and Treptow, Germany. The latter part of that period roughly coincides with the existence of the Wari Empire, a possible rival of Tiwanaku e. At first, he participated in various expeditions, which explored upper reaches of the Amazon River. He does not directly enter the Atlantis debate but the poshansky he adduces to support his thesis are more usually employed to support the Atlantis in Antarctica viewpoint.

Rafael Videla Eissmann is a Chilean historian and lecturer a.

Tiwanaku has all the features of a harbour, which has led some to describe it as ppsnansky seaport of nearby Puma Punku another remarkable ancient site o. He had some ideas regarding race and evolution a. However, a more recent, but catastrophic, explanation is offered by Stephen Smith d on the Thunderbolts.

Arthur Posnansky – Wikipedia

Posnansky’s ideas about Tiwanaku having been a full-fledged posnansly with a large permanent population, rather than only a seasonally occupied ceremonial center, and its abandonment having been the result of prehistoric climatic change are widely accepted in principle. This we published in posnanksy communication sent to the Twenty-third International Convention of Americanists, meeting in New York City that same year.

During this period Kiss worked with Arthur Posnansky and advanced the idea that Tiahuanaco had been built by Nordic refugees from Atlantis Thule more than 17, years ago. His ideas were enthusiastically received back in Nazi Germany.


Since olden times and also in our day, the question regarding the age of Tihuanacu is one which has fascinated scholars and laymen alike. Thus, for example, the idols on the line to the south side have again taken on the appearance of rough stone; only the largest, which except for the face was covered with a layer of alluvium still preserves its magnificent embossments and carvings.

In that period, consequently, these ruins were some 34 m.

File:Arthur Posnansky 3.jpg

In he published his best posnanky ok, T iahuanaco: In aruro contrast is the claim l by Roger Elefant that later construction at Tiwanaku was carried out by the Vikings! One of the proofs with which we can also reinforce our assertion concerning the enormous age of Tihuanacu, is that in the folklore of the Altiplano nothing is related of traditions which allude even remotely to the origin and object of that magnificent metropolis. A southern inclination of the continent of such a sort could occur only as the result of geotectonic factors, caused in turn by the cessation of the effects of a great pressure ice on that part made up today of the Altiplano.

This difference has served as the basis for the calculation of the age of Tihuanacu. From this fact it can be presumed that no great space of time intervened between one period and the other.

Most widely held works about Arthur Posnansky. Spanish German 20 English 19 Multiple languages 1. This book and his personal efforts also contributed significantly to the eventual preservation of the site at a time when it was being very badly damaged by neglect, stone-quarrying, and looting.

It would involve a long discussion to enter into details about this aspect and we wish only to touch on it lightly because of its great interest. One of these is apparently completely finished and the other to the south, formerly set on a notch in the interior, shows the relief work scarcely begun, See the corresponding chapter which deals with Puma-Punku or, the “seats” have scarcely been sketched ppsnansky.

The curve which is constructed on the base of the previous formula is the one which follows in Fig.