Break. Ossa rotte: Hannah Moskowitz: Books – Break has ratings and reviews. Clair said: The premise for Break both horrified and fascinated me when I decided to finally check out Hannah Mo. Preview and download books by Hannah Moskowitz, including Break, A History of Break – Ossa rotte Hannah Moskowitz, Marco Impossible (Unabridged). 1.

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Was this all in Jonas’ head?

The book was so great, I guess I was expecting a little bit more. And teens are very good at not listening. Jesse keeps getting sick. The plot just seemed to go in circles.

Good chance of dying young kind of allergic. On the other hand, Jonah’s psychiatrist immediately sees the flaw in his thinking, and Jonah’s narration reminds us that anyone who doesn’t understand this perfect logic is a small-minded Western thinker. Read this shortly after it came out as I ‘met’ the author on a writer’s site. Why the hell would you break your bones in order to take your mind off your mental anguish? When Jonah’s self-destr Jonah is on a mission to break every bone in his body.

It’s definitely very strange to finish an author’s latest book and then proceed to their debut straight after. And he feels that breaking bones makes them only stronger, so if he broke every bone in his body, he would be stronger not just physically but also in every way for his family. The ending is really abrupt, so maybe that’s where my issue lies. I love that she kept it how it is.

I’ve lived in a country with socialised healthcare all my life, and never had to pay a penny for hospital or clinic visits. The beginning of the book focuses more on the kids, and, in the end, the adults step in. All these characters were well written with their own quirks and problems. Break was full of fantastically portrayed three dimensional characters and an insane central idea.


That said, the book is still worth reading. The mentions of the physical pain are pretty sparse. What an incredible debut! He has one brother who is allergic to everything, a baby brother who doesn’t stop crying literallyparents who seem to be hanging on by a string, and friends who have no idea why he is doing what he is doing. Not to mention Hannah was shy with using the word fuck which happens to be one of my favorite words. Nov 24, Megan rated it liked it.

Charlotte represents stability, I guess, and Naomi represents Jonah’s more destructive side.

Hannah Moskowitz | LibraryThing

He always puts everyone else in his life first, and he is just so loving. My parents are baffled. So it’s only a matter of time before her adult characters are leaping off the page.

It is interesting to note that after reading Break, I emailed the writer to ask how many of her own bones she had broken in the process of writing this book.

Hannah Moskowitz

I would definitely recommend it to older teens – the large amount of profanity and violence of the subject matter is likely too mature for a younger audience.

The characterization here is nicely done, capturing the stress, fear and worry of being a teen as well as the dysfunction of mental illness. Near the end, however, the story began to feel a little fuzzy, almost dream-like and unrealistic.

I greatly look forward to more novels from Moskowitz. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I can’t imagine being in a house where a baby is crying, constantly, since the moment he was born. Moskowitz and from now on her middle name is “I came here to fuck bitches”. Absolutely one of the most original novels I’ve ever read.

Props to her for hxnnah But when the people who care about him find out his injuries are self-inflicted, Jonah has to face the repercussions of Moskwitz is a talented young writer who effectively conveys teenage angst in a confident voice.

This review is also available rorte my blog: This aspect of the story played such a huge part that it should have gotten a bit more attention in the end.


So apparently when you break a bone it heals stronger. To put it bluntly, I just fucking love her goddamn books, man. Jonah starts to unravel, and really strange things start to happen. At one point, while venturing to the kitchen, I actually worried that there would be milk spilled somewhere.

Ah, the curse of the contemporary novel — leaving me with just as many questions as life does. So yes, I would totally recommend Breakespecially for those who are interested in books centering on hannxh families, brexk and self-harm. He is helped by his best friend, Naomi, who films him breaking his Authored by a senior in high school, this debut novel would make a veteran author proud. Break is a book hugely concerned with relationships, just not the teenagers in love kind.

He worries about his parents, worries about the fact his baby brother cries all the time, but most of all he worries about his younger brother, Jessie, who is severe and life-threatening allergies.

On the one hand, it was well written; I started it about 20 minutes until bedtime, and stayed up late to finish it. In fact, all of the younger characters in this book are very real. I hate books especially YA ones where rottr say ‘friggin’ or ‘fudgin’ like really? It was a strange reason and didn’t entirely mos,owitz sense to me.

If this book isn’t proof that teenagers are fucking amazing, I don’t know what is. For a debut author, Moskowitz displays extraordinary adeptness at communicating eotte social and psychological friction within relationships, particularly the alienation that can result when that tension becomes too much.