Introscope please check the official product documentation provided by CA: within the RTV version of CA Introscope as provided by SAP is the intellectual . system listed here, download the file WILYISEM*.zip from the. 12 CA Wily Introscope Method of invocation What happens What the user can do Java Web Start Do one of these: Use a command like java -client -Xms64m. ca-wily-introscope-user-guide: Ca Wily Introscope User Guide. Updated a year ago. About · 0 Discussions · 0 Change Requests. Star 0. Subscribe 1 · Read.

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A Copyright Force10 Networks. About the Network Console If you do not have a full license, you can only view information here. To rescale using Auto Expand: Filtering by agent with the Console Lens You use the Console Lens to filter metric data for the agents that are reporting data.

Ca Wily Introscope User Guide · GitBook (Legacy)

Users with SuperDomain permission at least read permission see all domains for that Enterprise Manager in the Investigator tree. Before installing and using the product, please review the readme files. Right-click the dashboard object and select Links from the context menu.

This illustration shows two child domains, mydomain1 and mydomain2, listed under the Domains node as well as under the SuperDomain node in the default Custom Metric Process. You can override the default zoom actions in these ways: Only two metrics are selected to appear in this graph.


CA Wily Introscope. Workstation User Guide. Version PDF

If the graph displays an alert, caution and danger thresholds appear as yellow and red lines, respectively. Starting Friday at noon, current data is compared against data measured during the same 30 minute period da previous weekdays. About the Dashboard Editor The Dashboard Editor provides tools for creating and laying out Data Viewers, shapes, lines, text boxes, and connectors.

Satisfaction is a function of response time, waits, stalls, and errors.

You can define custom links if you have dashboard editing permission. Before installing and using the software, please review the readme files.

Here is an outline of the command: Copying a Data Viewer to the clipboard You can copy a snapshot of the data in a Data Viewer to the clipboard as a bitmapped image. Click Choose, enter a search string to narrow the selection, and select from the remaining list.

TransNav Management System Documentation.

CA Wily Introscope. Workstation User Guide. Version 8.2

This is necessary for a forward-proxy server configuration where the Workstation is running behind a firewall that only allows outbound HTTP traffic routed through the proxy server. Connecting to alternate Enterprise Managers You can guied multiple Workstation application instances on different Enterprise Manager hosts from a single browser, using the parameters specified in Launching the Workstation using specific parameters on page Users with appropriate permissions can create and edit dashboards and dashboard objects wiy as imported images, shapes, lines, and text see the Introscope Configuration and Administration Guide for more information.


Each domain node is structured in the same Host Process Agent hierarchy as the SuperDomain, and might also contain a Custom Metric Agent for custom metrics. Use the pointer to zoom in.

Alert metrics in the Investigator tree Each alert color has a metric value: The rows are sorted first by color rows with red lights precede those with yellow, which precede rows with all green to reduce scrolling needed to identify potential problems. To rescale using min and max values: A dial meter can only show data for a single metric. Click this link to see a list of books guife in PDF format.

Instead, it assumes that the calculated baseline was expected during that time. To open a new Investigator introscpe Introscope Workstation elements You can set properties in Introscope reports to use a specific language setting separate from the regional language set for your computer.

When you do this, an Investigator window opens with the tree introzcope to the metric shown in the tool tip.

For more information about user permissions, see the Introscope Installation and Upgrade Guide.