CATALOG-GUIDE Aluminum Panniers + Equipment Soft Luggage Touratech BMW R GS AIR COOLED () R GS ADV AIR COOLED (). Offroad with BMW RGS HP and Honda Adventure Sports in Tuscany. The whole story is available in the new Touratech catalog from mid-January So it is already for the third time that Touratech has won in the luggage The coveted prizes were awarded last night at the “Motorräder Dortmund ” fair.

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A protection cap on the lock against spray water provides permanent ease of use.

Touratech Thailand – Download Catalogue

During conception and design, great care was taken to achieve perfect cushioning – and to ensure that the seams cannot be felt. Our GPS brackets all fit perfectly on its mm brace.

Also really useful in road use! The optimised contours of the tourayech surfaces and the ability to easily adjust the seating position mean that longer journeys are now also a breeze. The strong, laser-cut aluminium guard takes just moments to fit. V Saint-Petersburg Tel: The solid construction consists of a stainless steel base plate that is riveted to an anodised aluminium cover. A very strong, sturdy construction which has proved itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles.

They provide support for the pillion passenger and are useful if you ever have to pull the cattalogo out of thevmud! It is very easy to fit, and can in fact even be attached by a layperson. Stop making comPro- mises.


Handlebar Cockpit Windscreens Lighting from p. However, the catxlogo seat bench Provides little room for joy and has never been one of the most comfortable examples of its kind. We have the solution: Adapter plate with Ortlieb additional bag – including Touratech waterproof additional bags size S size L. Very simple, fast and secure mounting.

With these seat modules you will no longer have to be afraid of very long-distance journeys when riding on your own or with touatech else. This black cover is made from powder-coated aluminium and includes stainless steel mounts. The special interior operation makes it possible to take the panniers off even if they are open. Both are available in a clear version and various degrees of tinting.

Over more than two and a half decades, a product world has emerged which embraces all the different facets of motorcycle travel. In addition, the seat is shaped in such a way that you can enjoy an almost perfect, comfortable riding position.

Detailed information on Touratech suspension and available variants can be found starting on page ! For even the most extreme conditions. Therefore we have decided to increase the total volume to 36 litres inclu- ding the standard tank.

The wide, low fog beam of the 55W halogen allows much safer driving when it is raining or snowing. In response to customer requests, Touratech offers two different wind- screens for the Desierto IV: Combined with the easiest installation and perfect, precisely fitting design!


Vehicle Equipment

Above all, though, the pre-assembled version is an absolute revolution! Thus the windscreen can be cataalogo highly effectively and quickly to suit any situation. The Touratech reinforcing strut provides lots of additional benefits at little cost or effort!

Tailor-made to the size of the tool box, the tail rack bag replaces the pillion seat and is fastened with two strong straps. Depending on individual requirements, the damping can be adjusted very finely through 24 clicks to suit the riding conditions. Made 22012 of strong, electropolished tourwtech steel, the crash bar will not rust. There is a significant reduction in turbulence and wind pres-sure against the helmet. This protector is made of aluminium and is available in either silver or black.

Two destinations, Portugal and Greece, have already been opened up, other European countries will follow shortly.

Touratech Catalog

This makes braking while standing up a lot easier. Textured black plastic Protectors withstand moderate hits, preventing scratches and minor dents.

Fitting it to the main stand using three collars with rubber seals is extremely effective at preventing the guard from rattling.