General Information. Willow-leaved jessamine is a deciduous shrub growing up to 3 metres tall. The plant is sometimes harvested from the wild for its medicinal. QDNRM () states that, \”Cestrum parqui is an erect, perennial shrub to 3m high, with one or more stems emerging from each crown. Green cestrum is a vigorous plant that can out-compete other vegetation. Green cestrum is toxic to animals including cattle, sheep, horse, pigs, poultry and.

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It is very common in the coastal and sub-coastal regions of southern Queensland and eastern New South Wales. Sheldon Navie young plant growing from a root sucker Photo: Cestrum green is highly attractive to birds, which play a major role in dispersal; seedlings are often found growing under perching trees, along fencelines, and in creek banks, where it is also dispersed by water. Deciduous – linear to lance-shaped, mid-green leaves to 12cm 5in long.

Cestrum paarqui green cestrum poisoning in cattle. This species can be killed by digging out the plants completely. EPPO Bulletin 36 3 Likely to be damaged or killed in cold winters.

Cestrum nocturnum, Cestrum elegans, Cestrum aurantiacum. It is spread most commonly in droppings from birds that have eaten the berries. The flowers are borne in branched clusters at the tips of the branches i.

Cestrum parqui

The result is a score of 11 and a recommendation of: The plants are long-lived, producing new growth in spring. Contain within riparian areas to protect grazing land that is free of green cestrum. It is a garden escape that has naturalised in north and eastern NSW. Green cestrum originally spread from gardens where it was grown as an ornamental plant. The dark pulp of the berries will stain fingers a purple colour if they are squashed. Bushes that have been cut down paarqui killed cestrmu herbicide will retain poison in their leaves, branches and berries.


May be hardy elsewhere with wall shelter or good micro-climate. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. General Biosecurity Duty All plants are regulated with a general biosecurity duty to prevent, eliminate or minimise any biosecurity risk they may pose.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Plant should not be bought, sold, grown, carried or released into the environment. The National Pest Plant Accord is a cooperative agreement between regional councils and government departments with biosecurity responsibilities. Poultry develop acute kidney and liver damage. Click on images to enlarge infestation Photo: It is a significant hazard to livestock especially cattle which may eat green cestrum inadvertently or during shortages of other foods, often resulting in death.

Animals that have eaten green cestrum may die within hours or may remain sick for several days before they die.

Symptoms in cattle include fever, loss of appetite, increased thirst and eventually, general paralysis. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs.


The alternate, light green leaves produce a rubber smell when crushed. Spread – 2m 6ft. A weed of warmer temperate and sub-tropical regions that invades the margins of watercourses i.

Informations on Cestrum parqui cestum been recorded for the following locations.

Cestrum parqui – Wikipedia

Weeds of the Riparian Zone of Australia. Non-native species in UK Overseas Paqui Sheldon Navie habit Photo: It is just as dangerous to humans. It prefers moist habitats but is commonly found along roadsides, and neglected, disturbed, and abandoned sites.

Individual flowers are 20—25 mm long, and are trumpet-shaped — opening into five, six or seven small, triangular lobes.

Cestrum parqui – Useful Tropical Plants

Harrod Horticulture Plant Supports. The fruit are egg-shaped i. Lamina 14 X 0. Sydney Olympic Park Authority. Tamaki Campus, University of Auckland. It’s now too late for delivery this year, but not too late to buy gift vouchers Click for opening information over the Christmas period. The flower tubes are up to 2.

It has been found in alluvial river flats, riverbanks, and remnant bushland on parrqui shale and sandstone soils, anywhere with warm temperatures and high rainfall, like its subtropical home in Peru and Chile.