See some of the most unbelievable pages from the Cold War-era CIA torture manual known as the KUBARK handbook. Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and. In , the CIA distributed a novella-length manual on torture. A supplement to the KUBARK manual, the Human Resource Exploitation.

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This is done by the civilian affairs agency and includes the distribution of rationing cards, work permits, travel permits and permits for crossing borders Usually the odds still favor the interrogator, but they are sharply cut by the training, experience, patience and toughness of the interrogatee.

ODENVY has requested that it be informed, in advance if time permits, if any investigative steps are undertaken in these cases. For example, “While we do not stress the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them and the proper way to use them,” has been altered to, “While we deplore the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them so that you may avoid them.

See Inside The Declassified C.I.A. Torture Manual From The Cold War

Handling upon arrival at the facility. Recommend measures of controlling the population and resources Suspects should be held incommunicado and should be deprived of any kind of normal routine in eating and sleeping. cia-kubark-rorture

I know I will not be tortured and that under the procedures of western law I can conduct myself boldly. The success of good interrogators depends in large measure upon their use, conscious or not, of these principles and of processes and techniques deriving from them.

The Baltimore Sun reported that former Battalion member Jose Barrera said he was taught interrogation methods by U. Police patrols can be compared to reconnaissance patrols. They can attempt to use bribes or place informants in key areas to counteract government action.

These measures fall within three types of control: Sectionthe material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. These measures are designed principally to detect and control the movement of human and material resources. In the opening phases of interrogation, or in a quick interrogation, we are compelled to make some use of the shorthand of categorizing, despite distortions.


To control the movement of supplies, equipment, and people, it will be necessary to control and monitor the population’s activities. In the middle of the s, Guatemala was mxnual by a communist government.

Indications that insurgents are conducting psychological operations include accusations of government corruption, circulating petitions, attempts to discredit the government or armed forces, calling government leaders U.

All analyses of the defector-refugee flow have shown that the Orbit services are well-aware of the advantages offered by this channel as a means of planting their agents in target countries.

Known or suspected leaders of enemy governments whose presence in the area of operations represent a threat the manaul national security. They can resort to subverting the government by means of elections in which the insurgents cause the replacement of an unfriendly mwnual official to one favorable to their cause. The CIA found that the best methods for extracting information from detainees come not through the cia-kubark-torhure of physical pain or torture, but through psychological torture.

Representative Joseph Kennedy D-MA then asked the administration to declassify the manuals in their entirety.

News from Home Allowing a subject to receive carefully selected letters from home can help create an effect desired by the ‘questioner. The nine major groups within the psychological-emotional category adopted for this handbook are cia-kubark-torturre following.

If it is then established or strongly suspected that the agent belongs to one of the following categories, further investigation and, eventually, interrogation usually follow. The Human Resource Exploitation Manual — was first publicized as the result of an investigative report into cia-kubqrk-torture human rights abuses in Honduras. Throughout the manuals, refugees and displaced persons are highlighted as possible subversives who should be monitored.

TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE ยป CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

They are secretive and disinclined to confide in anyone else their plans and plots, which frequently concern the overthrow of some form of authority. CI targets can include people, installations, organizations, and documents and materials. The two manuals declassified in January deal exclusively with interrogation. Political leaders known or suspected as hostile toward the Armed Forces or the political interests of the National Government.


Promotion of popular discontent. Also, insurgent leaders can participate in political races as candidates for government posts. For example, the [approx. Southern Command advised governments in Latin America that the manuals contained passages that did not represent U. A User’s Guide to Torture? Such a person has usually had a great deal of over-indulgence in early cia-,ubark-torture. His money and other possessions have for him a personalized quality; they are parts of himself.

People do change, but what appears to be new behavior or a new psychological pattern is usually just a variant on the old theme. Control of travel and transportation. As an adult he may have learned to cloak his resistance and become passive-aggressive, but his determination to get his own way is unaltered. School of Americas training cia-kubark-tortue titles [1]. Because interviewing, debriefing, and eliciting are simpler methods of obtaining information from cooperative subjects, cia-kubark-torturee is usually reserved for sources who are suspect, resistant, or both.

Local or national political party teams, or parties that have goals, beliefs or ideologies contrary or in opposition to the National Government. In a superficial attempt to correct the worst of the manual, in a page advising against using coercive techniques was inserted and handwritten changes were introduced haphazardly into the text.

We are especially interested in identifying the members of coa-kubark-torture guerillas commando ca-kubark-torture, its political structure and base of support. The purpose of block-by-block control is to detect the individuals who are supporting or sympathizing with the insurgents and the type of support they are providing.

He is usually cia-kubsrk-torture tightwad who cia-kubark-ttorture everything, has a strong sense of propriety, and is punctual and tidy.