Mango Mistletoes (Dendrophthoe pentandra) is one type of mistletoe that It has been known that Dendrophtoe pentandra extract (DPE). Dendrophthoe pentandra. [Malayan Mistletoe]. Home. photo. DSC (11). photo. DSC (11). photo. DSC (14). photo. DSC (14). photo. Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.) Bl. Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.) Bl. Loranthus pentandrus L. Loranthus pentandrus L. Loranthus farinosus Desr. Loranthus.

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Here’s the seedling of the Common Malayan Mistletoe. The above photo features several species of mistletoes can be differentiated by the different types of leaves denxrophthoe a tree. Neutrophils would amplify inflammation by secreting enzyme myeloperoxidase MPO to release the inflammatory mediators.

Published online Sep Dejdrophthoe H, Nair J. This study demonstrated that DPE treatment induce cell cycle inhibition in S phases. Thus, in our pentanda, DPE administration led to a significant reduction of proliferation, which was accompanied by decreased IL, so that it would be capable of suppressing the progression of CAC.

Our study used mistletoe as a parasitic plant that has been used for traditional medicine. MPO levels were measured from lysed colon cells.

Discovery of immunopotentiatory drugs: Here’s a germinating Pink-flowered Mistletoe. Our results indicate that DPE induced pmediated inhibition of S phase in cell cycle. Parasitic plants are plants which get some or all their required sustenance from other dendrophthpe. Background Since mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant, it is suggests that their bioactivities could also depend on their host plant [ 1 ].

This finding is consistent with other reports of increased p53 expression with various anti cancer strategies [ 34 — 38 ]. Based on previous studies, DSS was used in combination with AOM, received a chemical carcinogen which induces colorectal cancer in mice. Bird Ecology Study Group. The main stem of this mistletoe attaches to the host rather seamlessly, with a few side roots extending along the sides of the branch, growing the many little haustoria into the latter. ATE performed conception and design of experiments and conducted flow cytometry analysis.


Retrieved Nov 3,from http: It is rather dendropjthoe but not very common in Singapore. Staining was developed with diaminobenzidine DAB; Sigma substrate pentsndra sections were counterstained with hematoxylin.

They appear to be more selective on their hosts as well, as so far I have only seen them penrandra the Penaga Laut Calophyllum inophyllumPodocarpus Podocarpus spp. As the seed is quite sticky, it may get stuck to the bottom of the bird when it is excreted.

The fruit is about 5mm across, and turns orange or yellowish brown as it matures.

The flowers open on one side, appearing like a little paw. Meanwhile, DPE in high doses may cause increased risk of toxicity.

Dendrophthoe pentandra

Here’s a seedling of the Common Chinese Mistletoe. Agustina Tri Endharti, Email: The plant was identified and authenticated by biologists in Department of Biology, University of Brawijaya specimen No.

The Common Chinese Mistletoe Macrosolen cochincinensisalso from the family Loranthaceae, is another very common and widespread mistletoe, infesting a wide variety of trees and shrubs in most parks and residential areas all over Singapore.

This CAC is associated with the cell cycle and its regulation is affected by the tumor suppressor proteins.

An Expose of a Botanical Marvel. National Center for Biotechnology InformationPentanda. DPE inhibits S phase of the cell cycle We examined whether colonic epithelial cells were resting or proliferating state. Int J Mol Sci.


Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.) Miq.

The cell proliferation patterns in the colon tissue were assessed by using BrdU immunohistochemistry.

At the same time, the many mistletoes drained the water and nutrients from the tree. The seedlings ddndrophthoe grow on leaves too, with the haustoria growing into the leaf veins. The Penaga Laut Calophyllum inophyllum above is a Heritage Tree supporting lots of mistletoes of several species.

They have specialised roots called haustoria which penetrate into the host plants’ tissues, connecting to the xylem, phloem, or both.

Since mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant, it is suggests that their bioactivities could also depend on their host plant [ 1 ]. The above photo features the germinating seeds of the Leafless Mistletoe.

Open in a separate window. Viscum mistletoes generally lack rendrophthoe creeping side roots and are connected to the host at only one point. Trp53 deficiency protects against acute intestinal inflammation. Lim C, Savan R. Effects of low dose quercetin: Our results show that DPE could prevent proliferation by inhibition of S phase through induce p53 expression. The leaves of young plants may appear more elongated though.

Chronic inflammation in mice model that are initiated by the DSS causes colitis, deoxyribonucleic acid DNA damage and encourages the emergence of adenoma [ 1112 ].