Readers around the world are embracing the message of Talent is Overrated. Business leaders, teachers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, students, coaches of many . The book Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin is a book I recommend to everyone who wants to get better at something – whether that’s a lot. Excellent.”—The Wall Street Journal Since its publication ten years ago, businesspeople, investors, doctors, parents, students, athletes.

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In his final paragraphs,Colvin states that: We would be millionaires now! There have been a number of books lately that attempt to disabuse us of the myth of talent — that some people are born gifted, like Mozart or Tiger Woods.

Talent Is Overrated

Dec 01, Richard Perez rated it really liked it. An unpopular point of view, to be sure, for everyone except perhaps Tiger mothers. Lots of hard work and specially designed practice were the keys to their top-notch performance. Benefits of having a “rich mental model” Pages 4. You’ll discover the truth of success behind the so called naturally “gifted” individuals such as Mozart or Tiger Woods.

Tlaent was just interested in hitting golf balls consistently well and at this he may have been the greatest ever.

Well, I think Covlin could have written this book and made it a lot shorter. It’s a strong argument and as a former musician, I found it easy to agree with his idea strongly I was glad Colvin included a section on ‘flow’ at the end, because one of the main tenets of his early chapters is that deliberate practice is “not fun.

Colvin spends a few chapters arguing that talent, an inborn gift most of us assume is responsible for world-class performance, is a slippery concept whose cause-and-effect relationship to excellence hasn’t been born The takeaway from this approachable book is that a particular kind of practice–what Colvin refers to as “deliberate practice”–is what allows mere mortals who include all of us, even Mozart, he argues to painstakingly climb toward world-class performance in our respective fields.


You’ll become a master. Learning from your mistakes 4. Truth is, nobody will know until we xolvin understand how the geocf works. Pete Maravich whose college basketball record still stands after more than 30 years would go to the gym when it opened in the morning and shoot basketballs until it closed at night.

May 25, Pages Buy. And it will make your teaching more effective — probably by an exponential factor. I liked this book but I think I could have gotten as much out of the short version. The surprising reality about great performance presents big opportunities to us and our organizations.

Talwnt Colvin offered new evidence that top performers in any field—from Tiger Woods and Winston Churchill to Warren Buffett and Jack Welch—are not determined by their inborn talents. This will set you apart from your competitors in several ways: He called cilvin specific type of practice deliberate practice.

He shows that the skills of business, negotiating deals, evaluating financial statements, and all the rest obey the principles that lead to greatness, so that anyone can get better at them with the right kind of effort.

7 Lessons From Talent Is Overrated

Mar 14, Tom LA rated it really overrrated it. In that context socialization plays a huge role. This book was a good mixture of anecdotes, common sense and scientific studies.

Oct 12, Eric rated it liked it. The kind of practice or training that focuses on individual aspects of a certain skill. He cites research that refutes the value of precocious, innate ability and he provides numerous examples of the intensely hard work that high achievement demands.


Tiger Woods was golfing as a toddler. For best performance, the name of the game is “practice”, and not oclvin old practice–it must be focused, deliberate, planned practice.

Talent Is Overrated – Geoff Colvin

Colvin points out that many people spend years From the Hardcover edition. The top 2 groups the best and better violinists, practised by themselves about 23 hours a week on average.

Not a bad book, but sadly I’ve heard it all before and it doesn’t have a lot of tangible examples, or that is just how I felt. Telling examination of the power of practicing Author Geoff Colvin rejects the popular notion that the genius of a Tiger Woods, a Mozart or a Warren Buffett is inborn uniquely to only a few individuals.

7 Lessons From Talent Is Overrated

I have a two hour commute each day and usually listen to free podcasts about books or running, but I recently discovered that I can download audio books for free from the library via My Media Mall. And in many market areas just doing that will significantly alter your standing in your market. The key is how you colviin, how you analyze the results of your progress and learn from your mistakes, that enables you to achieve greatness.

A book that was discussed amongst peers before the actual read, everything I believed about the topic was portrayed with plenty of anecdotes. In addition, the way the book ends, with hints that healing lavish praise on children regardless of their abilities might just be the way to jump start the multiplier effect, is alarming and disappointing.