Gregory Palamas: The Triads. THE CLASSICS OF WESTERN SPIRITUALITY SERIES. Gregory Palamas: The Triads. Edited with an introduction by John. Read the full-text online edition of The Triads (). Gregory Palamas () monk, archbishop and theologian was a major figure in fourteenth-century Orthodox Byzantium. This, his greatest work, presents .

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Trinitarian Theology East and West: It is limited by the character of the recipient, a created being. It raises the question: So Palamas has only shown that the energies as manifested in creation are distinct from the Divine Essence, not that the energies as such are distinct from the Essence.

The theology of the Superessential should not be construed as a merely apophatic construction, defining God in terms of what He is not. Instead, it seems that he regards theosis as the joint work of an interior sanctifying grace and a divine light that imparts the glory of God to man in his exterior aspect.

Cyril as attesting that the Palamist notion of divine energy is per se limited to omnipresence. In this understanding, divine power as such certainly exists and is uncreated.

Per BX 1 S A subordination of accidents in God is no less objectionable than a subordination of persons, for this would imply that there is something in God that is not ontologically absolute, yet God in His fullness is metaphysically necessary. And because there are too many endnotes, many of them unnecessary. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Father alone is the unoriginated gregoory or principle without principle arche anarchos.

It would be indiscreet to press the matter too far in either direction, either to say that hesychast experience is self-induced, or to say that it proves the reality of uncreated light. Rather, God in His Essence acts timelessly, so His creative power is always active. A further terminological problem is that energeia is a confused concept in the East.


The reality of divine faculties or powers had never been denied by Jewish or Christian theologians, but what is at issue is whether these plaamas or powers may be considered distinct from the Divine Essence. By this logic, even so-called Divinity-in-itself is created, insofar as it is considered a participable energy.

Related to this is that the energies seem to replace the role of the Persons in the divine economy. Although we sometimes speak of the energies as powers or faculties, we palxmas not understand this in the sense of potentialities. It’s something I need to be better at, and something that St. Palamas articulates how God’s grace can transform a believer fully and truly.

Reconciling Hesychasm and Scholasticism in the Triads of Gregory Palamas – Part I

It is my lament that the Protestant Reformation did not come to the East in force. Tabor with the Transfiguration. The idea that energy is also that by which an essence is known comes from the influence of Gregorh and Plotinus.

Each hierarchy mediates to the one below it. God is not merely holiness, immortality, life, etc. Axis Mundi Website palajas Rather, God surpasses all essences ousiasfor all being comes out of Him.

Can we say at this point whether this a formal or real distinction between the sun and its rays, between essence and energies? Whether we regard this as cogent or not, it would seem that some kind of paradox needs to be involved in order to account for the fact that God truly communicates something of His imparticipable Essence through deification.

Gregory Palamas – The Triads in Defense of the Holy Hesychasts

The Scholastics have answered in the negative, since this would imply imperfection in God. The distinction between Divine Essence and Divine Energies is palmas with respect to Latin theology if it makes a distinction between potency and act in God.


In this sense, the Orthodox are right to claim that philosophy is inadequate to theology, but this does not mean philosophy has nothing to say on the subject. If this genealogy is true, then we are faced with the troubling implication that not only is this tradition of prayer not apostolic, but it comes from a rather suspect source! Such contact with an illumination deserves to be called a vision.

Triads (Gregory Palamas) – Wikipedia

Spiritual and Intellectual Legacy. Still, in this case, there is a real difference in metaphysics underlying the choice of terms.

If the Divine Essence is not God, then what is it? Barlaam seems to take liberty with Dionysius and that liberty leads to him confusing I’ve got to admit I understood much less of this than I’d like to admit.

If the Divine Essence denotes God Himself, then He does not transcend it, for that would imply that God can be transcended. As a private teacher of theology in the Western Scholastic mode, Barlaam propounded a more intellectual and propositional approach to the knowledge of God than the Hesychasts taught.

What I found instead was pleasantly surprising. Index to Foreword Preface and Introduction.

Lists with This Book. Maximus describes gregroy divinized soul as entering into God, where he beholds the inner principles of created things.

It is not potential dynamisthough in the case of God we also describe it as power dynamis since there is no prior potential to which we can refer its ability to act, as there is nothing but actuality in the unoriginate God.