GURPS Vampire The Masquerade *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [Jeff Koke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. GURPS Vampire has 72 ratings and 1 review. Nika said: Played it in college adventurers guild a few times. It was fun but I liked the other masqurade vers. So, I recently acquired some old copies of GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade, and the Vampire Companion. In all honesty, I love these books.

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Thus a human with humanity score 20 can hawe any SC rating in bereserk – or no berserks at all while a vampire with humanity 12 must hawe berserk and with SC rating no better than 12 and both may hawe berserk with lower SC rating.

Gups endless adventure waits. Help Contact Us Go to top. Search in titles only. What am I missing?

It seems that vamps have a number of self-control disadvantages as part of their VtM template different from but similar to the Basic Set vampire template. You will never grow old, masquerafe your unending existence is a constant struggle to control your Beast, to feed your hunger for the blood of mortals, and in the end to keep some measure of humanity.

  ANSI Z133.1 PDF


Little do they know that they are but pawns in the Jyhad — the invisible war that has raged for centuries. Within this th, a world of darkness awaits. Anne rated it liked it Aug 15, But apparently, this is not the case. It was fun but I liked the other masqurade version better. Originally Posted by Innerwall This may be a redundant question on this forum, but can anyone point me to some revised 4th Edition adaptations for Vampire?

Bastian Fitzsimmons rated it liked it Feb 09, Jostuph Gagliardi rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Find More Posts by Bruno.

Thus, her character has Humanity 12 BECAUSE in the character’s “Rotschrek” phobias, berserk disadvantage, and uncontrollable appetite, the vampire has burps self-cntrl roll of Lists with This Book.

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I am curious how they balanced the disciplines. Thatirishboy rated it it was amazing May 14, Open Preview See a Problem? Are you strong enough to keep the Beast at bay within your dark soul?

GURPS Vampire The Masquerade (1993) First Edition Steve Jackson Games

That seems so wrong that I’m going to need confirmation before I’ll believe it. Patrick rated it it was ok Nov 05, You are Kindred, childe of the Blood — one of the Damned. Still, using the masquetade as I understand it does mean that the disadvantages “disappear” i.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In a way, this does have some logic to it. Holy Hunters Become a Patron!

GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade by Jeff Koke

Bad this forum doesn’t allow me to post attachements. The Masquerade And Other Musings. You feel the blood-hunger that drives the hunt.

Get the white-wolf book. MaryReadsRomance rated it really liked it Jul 18, thr No problem, glad it could help some Ghostdancer. The time now is The Masquerade, and the Vampire Companion.

Ella Laszlo rated it liked it Apr 08, Your need washes over you and pushes you to the edge of frenzy.