Product Flyer. Instrument Management · Prophylaxis · Onyx Hand Instruments. ZEPF plant 2 night Full HD · Mouth Mirror Wallpaper Full HD · Onyx Wallpaper. Drop-Control just safe. The ZEPF Drop- Control Blade Holder combines the.

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As a result we used this connection between dentists and Helmut Zepf for our sales marketing regarding the introduction of new product designs.

Functionality and ergonomics for the applicant; safety for the patient – this is what distinguishes Zepf instruments from the hdlmut. The advantage is that the used blade can be removed in a controllable way in order to prevent a contamination.

Practicing doctors recognize that all instruments are perfectly designed to detail as far as shape and function is concerned. A permanent dialogue and exchange of experience with our development partners – from the initial drawing all the way through series production – are the basic requirements for the realisation of new product lines. We have hdlmut high regard towards the exchange of experience with doctors worldwide, as we have helnut that knowledge of the latest surgical techniques in aesthetic dentistry is as essential for the development of new products as the demand for technical and ergonomic criteria.

On a yearly basis we launch our general catalogue. This principle has led all the doctors in contact with Helmut Zepf and the company itself to great success.

All Dental Clinic Management Software Detergents, disinfectants, deodorants, sterilisation products and other agents for infection control Furnishings and equipment for the dental laboratory Furnishings and equipment for the dental practice Information and organisational material Instruments and tools Materials for the dental laboratory Materials for the dental practice Miscellaneous Other accessories and auxiliary materials for dental laboratory use Other accessories and auxiliary materials for dental practice use Pharmaceuticals Prophylaxis Software for Health Care Providers Teeth and veneering materials, restorative, prosthetic, implantological and orthodontic accessory parts.

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All German Pavilions he,mut Find all German Pavilions worldwide at portal website german-pavilion. Benex Extraction System In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly favoured. First and foremost design has to follow function for the company Zepf.

By continuing to use this website you agree to the use of cookies. Our instruments are optimally designed for practising dentists considering both design and function – defining characteristics.

Select exhibitors by category: The Easy Contact Point Instruments will help to simplify this work step. This is what distinguishes us from the rest. Xtool Instruments The Xtool Instrument Set in contrast to existing instruments is a clearly arranged and universal set that supports you during a gentle and uncomplicated extraction of teeth which zwpf be preserved.

A very successful cooperation – worldwide.

This is your personal organizer to manage your contacts to the German exhibitors. Due to the longitudinal extraction, the modified Benex guarantees a gentle and simple extraction of roots in the whole mouth. These instruments are available in two sizes as pliers for MOD filling, i.

Your personal organizer Print list. High-End Instruments for dentosurgical professionals First and foremost design has to follow function for the company Zepf.

Exhibitor list Send message Show on floor plan Add to my personal organizer. The new handle as well as the delicate surfaces of the tip are coated with the new ZEPF nanopal coating.


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Dental Instruments

Use our sitemap to get a more detailed overview of our product range. Rapidly and directly, you can get information on the latest developments and news in the field of dental instrumentation and profit from our attractive special offers. The courage to pursue new ideas and developments. All new product information are released with a separate product flyer in order to be able to inform you effectively and quickly.

A market strategy which is ze;f the latest but which is based on the zwpf connection with the legendary Ferdinand Sauerbruch.

Dental Instruments

In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly hlmut. The company Helmut Zepf was founded in Consistent with the principle of minimal invasion, conserving soft and hard tissue structures is a must.

The instruments allow a minimally invasive tunneling preparation to avoid large opening We are a German manufacturer for dental and surgical instruments with our own production plants in the Southern part of Germany. The modeling of clinically ideal contact points in particular is a big challenge for the practitioner.

These are the characteristics of the company Helmut Zepf for decades regarding the development of new surgical and dental instruments. The Z-Shape Relax Handle is designed according to the ergonomic needs of a curettage.

Composites are not easy to process.