Buy The Gift Of Therapy: An open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients: Reflections on Being a Therapist New Ed by Irvin Yalom (ISBN. From his thirty-five years as a practicing psychiatrist and as an award-winning author, Irvin D. Yalom imparts his unique wisdom in The Gift of Therapy. using the Instructor’s Manual for the DVD The Gift of Therapy: A. Conversation with Irvin Yalom, MD may reproduce parts of this manual in paper form for.

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View all 7 comments. Book ratings by Goodreads. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Spare yourself a few bucks ot not I didn’t understand that asking patients to be your therapist, analyzing their dreams, trying to be their friend, insisting that the patient-therapist relationship resembles all the rest of the patient’s fift, insisting that there’s always an interpersonal conflict with a subconscious nature that is at the roots of one’s emotional therrapy, using your own feelings about the client as a compass, etc.

This will be a classic if it isn’t already. There are a lot of points in this book that really resonate with what I have felt has helped me as a patient to have a great experience in therapy.

Back cover copy The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr. In this perspective, our focus concentrates on those things beyond the everyday worries. But think about it! What a treat it is to watch them open doors to rooms never before entered, discover new wings of their house containing parts in exile- wise, beautiful, and creative pieces of identity.

The Gift of Therapy : An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

The author’s psychoanalytically oriented methods are antiquated, and in a world with more and more evidence-based treatments for mental illness, such comparatively unproven, time-consuming methodologies are increasingly irrelevant until proven otherwise.

But I really really love this book.

We deny death and attempt to keep it out of our thoughts. The last point is so true that I do not feel the need to defend it. I can’t be bothered to listen to clingy nagging people about their shit. When I started this book I was working on my lf and absolute loved the book and all the helpful advice that is given by Yalom.


Be where the client is.

The Gift of Therapy : Irvin Yalom :

He brings up a lot of interesting topics. It is not what you do, but who are you.

He addressed many practical issues that all therapist have encountered and struggled giff relationship, boundary, disclosure, transparence, dream, death, and more. When Nietzsche Wept Irvin D. The man touches his clients! As living beings, we erect amazing defenses against the very thought of death.

The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

The Gift of Therapy: While some of what Yalom says I really appreciate – particularly in regards to working in the here and now with clients – I found a lot of it a little too fluffy for my liking. While Yalom’s intended audience is the young psychotherapist, physicians of any specialty will find both the existential theme and his thegapy on the healing relationship orvin relevant to their ywlom practices.

Description Acclaimed author and renowned psychiatrist Irvin D. I think that’s the main message of the book with, of course, wonderful examples of how he was with his clients. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Whenever I am involved in a conversation about proper eating, not smoking, cancer, diabetes, and so on, and so forth, et ceteramy response is always the same: Nov 27, MsChris rated it liked hterapy Shelves: Processing the here and now has been proved to be of tremendous help since I started implementing it last week.

What he has given the practitioner is an assortment of topics that are sure to help invigorate a new gene. I particularly appreciated the last two chapters which discuss the occupation hazards and occupational privileges of clinical work.

Every psychologist can benefit from reading his work regardless of their clinical approach, so did I. I do not fully agree with this approach and sometime I feel that the therapeutic relationship, or love as I would label it, is far irvn important than skills training.


This book reflects experiential depth and without being painfully, theoretically explicit, is an exploration of th healing means to both those who heal and those who are healed. Anxiety comes from the responsibility of making decisions. I recall having a particularly intriguing conversation with a colleague about death.

Published January 1st by Harper Perennial first gifh December 24th Jul 01, Mya rated it it was ok Shelves: Training in clinical psychology is not about skills either, it is by thousands of hours of learning and practicing that one thinks like a psychologist, acts like a psychologist, and most importantly, becomes a psychologist. The I was primarily acquainted with Irvin Yalom: Sort of like a bathtub, draining slowly, slowly, slowly. Yalom has done a service by demystifying the act of engaging with patients about their ultimate concerns in the moments of great life transition that we physicians are privileged to share with them.

Some of the examples in the book were almost laugable.

The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

It would be far too one-dimensional to merely assert this is a must read book. I’m so disgusted with them. Return to Book Page. An office visit for even a simple condition like hypertension may be routine to a physician, but patients, in the back of their mind, may fear the implications teh the doctor’s assessment for the length of their life or changes in their lifestyle. I love the way he writes and how this book is structured. This can be internalized into a tendency for a therapist to critique her own work with either “ripples self-doubt or grandiosity”.

On that note, irvjn clients are characters but they are also normal enough to normalize what receiving therapy may be likeso if you are considering it for yourself galom is a good way to test the waters of your pre-contemplation.