Kenwood SC Steam Cleaner. . This ultimate steam cleaner cleans a viariety of surfaces. More details. Reference: Kenwood Sc Find great deals for Kenwood SC Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kenwood Steam Cleaner with dual steam. Clean the floors of wood, tiles and stone with round brush. Clean the upholstery with the angled nozzle. Clean the.

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Kenwood SC590 Steam Cleaner

It got hot but no steam no matter how long I waited. Italian designed for the very best in quality and style. Will keep experimenting with different cloths as it is easier on my back than other floor mops kehwood buckets.

Hand mixer HM This stylish Kenwood hand mixer is perfect for whisking eggs and mixing cakes.

Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner SC590

Ok, so it spills some water if you stop it and restart, but where do you expect the condensation to go?? Hover over image to zoom. Also a warning – don’t use anywhere near computers, mine was obviously too close and the hard drive got burnt, so it’s efficient at destorying computers but that’s about all.

The innovative plastic body and removable wiper of the Chef-sized Creaming Beater make for a fast working tool that’s perfect for the most delicate cake mixes and toppings. GST is included in the final bid price of this item. No steam came out even after a very long time instructions say ‘wait 5 minutes’. Welcome Log in Cart: But don’t expect to buy this as your steam mop to use daily, as that is not what it was designed for.

Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. In terms of cleaning a mattress, I do not believe steam alone will kill bacteria.


We ended up throwing the whole thing and it’s attachments away. After 2 trips to the repairer when I could not get the unit to work I discovered the problem was that I’m only just strong enough to hold the button down to generate steam. What a piece of crap this product is. Notify me when available. So far I’ve cleaned tiles, cupboards, floors, windows, mirrors, BBQ and the stove. Typical mass produced junk from overseas! View cart and checkout.

Thank you for saving me the stress too!!!! So i directed the nozzle into sink and pressed trigger let out water for about 30sec- 1mins until it was just steam. Useless waste of money. A Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor is a stylish, powerful and efficient appliance for your kitchen. Chef Sized Dust Cover The Kenwood Chef can be customised by adding any of our optional attachments to suit different tastes and skill levels.

Items in this category may show minor marks, scratches, dents or imperfections on the fascia, and may show more significant marks, scratches, dents or imperfections on the casing which will be indicated by colour stickers and a photo included.

Kenwood Ariete Multi SC Reviews –

It does the job I want it to. The machine works ok but generates almost no steam. You will then be able to quickly and efficiently track the delivery status of your item!.

Can you use it to clean a mattress? Specifications w of Power. The only time I would buy one of these would be if iI was going to a house warming party of a person I hated.

Hubby and I pulled it out of the box, filled with water, turned on, waited 5 mins, I press the button and Works well for windows, bathroooms etc. Buy it if your hand is strong enough! The SC Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner effectively cleans hard floors such as sealed wood, tiles, lino, marble and stone. After reading ‘reviewing mum’s’ review I couldn’t see how you could turn the power switch on harder then tried again with the steam switch on the handle and success!!


The Kenwood Stand Mixer range offers total versatility with a choice of machines to suit your requirements. The button to make it create steam has to be held down continuosly, I could hardly press it down at all, it is very stiff.

Supposedly 5 mins but you have to press that button very hard so it hurts your thumb and then you have to wait until the dribbling stops before actually steaming the floor. To those who waited for hours or went through ‘not working’ machines, I guarantee they just didn’t press the button hard enough, as I never would have attempted to press it that hard myself!

Last items in stock!

In addition these items may have undiagnosed faults. Tried all ways, let the first moisture go, etc.

Kenwood Multi Steam Cleaner SC Auction () | GraysOnline Australia

Not working and parts missing. This product is garbage. It is a poor trigger design. Now it’s spluttering during use so my floors ar But to keep using this product you need to push s590 switch continously and you will get tired after a while.

You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product. What a waste of money. Yep, it does steam after 5 minutes, you just have to press the button harder than to the point kenwpod you think it can’t go any further! I took it back to the store to see if it was faulty, replacement or money back. Your thumb does get a good work out if you are planning on krnwood big clean.