The book was originally known as Risaliy-i-Khal, Epistle to the Uncle, and later entitled by Bahá’u’lláh Himself as the Kitáb-i-Íqán. Translation into English. Examination of the Bible in light of interpretations of its symbolism offered by Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Iqan. The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i Iqan) is the preeminent doctrinal work of the Bahá’í Faith. Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Bahá’u’lláh (), the author, later.

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These revealed words were a blessing to the righteous who on hearing them exclaimed: Ponder a while those holy words in your heart, and, with utter detachment, strive to grasp their meaning. This is but one of the meanings of the spiritual sovereignty which We have set forth in accordance with the capacity and receptiveness of the people.

Reflect, what answer could Mary have given to the people around her? Such things take place only that the souls of men may develop and be delivered from the prison-cage of self and desire. To this beareth witness that which hath proceeded out of the mouth of the unbelievers as revealed in the sacred Book: In another sense, they mean the appearance of that immortal Beauty in the image of mortal man, with such human limitations as eating and drinking, poverty and riches, glory and abasement, sleeping and waking, and such other things as cast doubt in the minds of men, and cause them to turn away.

The principle difficulty in this approach is overcoming the resistance of entrenched belief systems.

The Kitáb-i-Íqán

Its tidings rejoiced anew the heart, and imparted immeasurable gladness to the soul. A single breeze of His affluence doth suffice to adorn all mankind with the robe of wealth; and one drop out of the ocean of His bountiful grace is enough to confer upon all beings the glory of everlasting life. All the signs and allusions concerning the Day of Judgment, which thou hast heard, such as the raising of the dead, the Day of Reckoning, the Iqna Judgment, and others have been made manifest through the revelation of that verse.

These divines, in order to please the rich, acquire worldly emoluments, and give vent to their envy and misbelief, wrote a number of treatises, refuting the claims of Muhammad, supporting their arguments with such evidences as it would be improper to mention, and claimed that these arguments were derived from the text of the Pentateuch. Similarly, the records of all the scriptures bear witness to this lofty kitaab and this most exalted word. Methinks they have been moulded from the clay of infinite knowledge, and kneaded with the water of divine wisdom.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Gems of Divine Mysteries Javahiru’l-Asrara short work Baha’u’llah revealed aroundrelates to themes found in both the Iqan and in the Seven Valleys. They continually appeal to kitqb for aid in unraveling the intricacies of their Faith, and, owing to lack of knowledge, they make such replies as can in no wise damage their fame and fortune.


Nay, all else besides these Manifestations, live by the operation of their Will, and move and have their being through the outpourings of their grace.

So potent and universal is this revelation, that it hath encompassed all things, visible and invisible. I turned over 50 pages. It houses the proofs of Baha’u’llah as having been the Manifestation of God on earth for today.

The traditions established the fact that in all Dispensations the law of prayer hath constituted a fundamental element of the Revelation of all the Prophets of God—a law the form and the manner of which hath kihab adapted to the varying requirements of every age. Its dominion hath encompassed all that is in heaven and on iqzn. In like manner, whosoever partook of the cup of love, obtained his portion of the ocean of eternal grace and of the showers of everlasting mercy, and entered into the life of faith—the heavenly and everlasting life.

Such men, when acquainted with these circumstances, become so veiled that without the least question, they pronounce the Manifestation of God an infidel, and sentence Him to death. That spiritual kitba, however, isan is primarily intended, resideth within, and revolveth around Them from eternity even unto eternity. When shall the promised One, mitab object of our expectation, be made manifest, that we may arise for the triumph of His Cause, that we may sacrifice our substance for His sake, that we may offer up our lives in His path?

How numerous the nations and kingdoms who have sought the shelter of His shadow, who bear allegiance to His Faith, and pride themselves therein! Assuredly the visible sun is but a sign of the splendour of that Day-star of Truth, that Sun Which can never have a peer, a likeness, or rival.

Syllabus for A Study of Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Iqan, The Book of Certitude

It is evident and manifest unto every discerning observer that even as the light of the star fadeth before the effulgent splendour of the sun, so doth the luminary of earthly knowledge, of wisdom, and understanding vanish into nothingness when brought face to face with the resplendent glories of the Sun of Truth, the Day-star of divine enlightenment.

Return to Book Page. All these kiyab and attributes are applicable to him. To this testify the records of the sacred books. Whereupon, a profound dismay seized suddenly the companions of the Prophet. Whatever in days gone by hath been the cause of the denial and opposition of those people hath now led to the perversity of the people of this age. Were the prophecies recorded in the Gospel to be literally fulfilled; were Jesus, Son of Mary, accompanied by angels, to descend from the visible heaven upon the clouds; who would dare to disbelieve, who would dare to reject the truth, and wax disdainful?

If such things be revealed in this Dispensation, and such incidents come to pass, at the present time, what would the kitwb do? That sovereignty is the spiritual ascendancy which He exerciseth to the fullest degree over all that is in heaven and on earth, and which in kitav time revealeth itself to the world in direct proportion to its capacity and spiritual receptiveness, even as the sovereignty of Muhammad, the Messenger of God, is today apparent and manifest amongst the people.


In all the scriptures, the books and chronicles, the sentence of death, of fire, of blindness, of want of understanding and hearing, hath been pronounced against those whose lips have tasted not the ethereal cup of true knowledge, and whose hearts have been deprived of the grace of the holy Spirit in their day.

To this testifieth that which hath been witnessed in this wondrous and exalted Dispensation. Unless an angel be sent down and take part in His warnings, we kitsb not believe. Armed with the rod of celestial dominion, adorned with the white hand of divine knowledge, and proceeding from the Paran of the love of Iqann, and wielding the serpent of power and everlasting kiitab, He shone forth from the Sinai of light upon the world.

For these hidden Gems, these concealed and invisible Treasures, in themselves manifest and vindicate the reality of these holy words: I turn down pages that have significant or important messages.

And now, ponder this in thine heart: Were the eye to be anointed and illumined with the collyrium of the knowledge of God, it would surely discover that a number of voracious beasts have gathered and preyed upon the carrion of the souls of men.

Little perception is required to enable them to gather from the symbolic language of these two verses all that We have purposed to propound, and thus to attain, through the grace of the All-Merciful, the resplendent morn of certitude. This printing has been slightly revised and reprinted many times. Thou dost witness today how, notwithstanding the radiant splendour of the Sun of divine knowledge, all the people, whether high or low, have clung to the ways of those abject manifestations of the Prince of Darkness.

One owned a house and wished to sell it; the other was to be the purchaser. That these divine Luminaries seem to be confined at times to specific designations and attributes, as you have observed and are now observing, is due solely to the imperfect and limited comprehension of certain minds.

Whosoever wisheth, let him turn thereunto; whosoever wisheth, let him turn away.

Not, however, until thou consumest with the flame of utter detachment those veils of idle learning, that are current amongst men, canst thou behold the resplendent morn of true knowledge. But God hath willed to perfect His light, albeit the infidels abhor it. Know, therefore, O questioning seeker, that earthly sovereignty is of no worth, nor will it ever be, in the eyes of God and His chosen Ones.

And after Noah the light of the countenance of Hud shone forth above the horizon of creation.