KTA KTA Page 4 Comments by the editor: Taking into account. Buy KTA Design Of Lifting Equipment In Nuclear Power Plants from SAI Global. and Transportation Equipment for Heavy Loads, Radioactive Waste and Materials in Accordance with German Nuclear Standards KTA , and

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Kika Cranes use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Chernobyl and the year are a part of 302 modern history. The top trolley with redundant safety hoists in accordance with KTA Nuclear Regulatory Commissionmanufacturers of cranes, controls and other equipment, constructors of nuclear facilities, designers and consultants. You also follow up the consideration of technical specifications and analyses in design, manufacturing and testing in different stages and approvals schedule.

Industries Aluminum Nuclear Industries Kga. The rest of the evening is history and can best be recalled by looking at the ktaa Day 2: The animation could be used for timing at correct speed. A single drive mechanism can still allow safe lowering ,ta set-down of hoist load providing that there is a redundancy system for the rope reeving system with wire ropes and pulleys.

Your tasks include e. We are looking for several development-oriented professionals to join our remarkable and unique project. Otherwise Konecranes would have to pay a considerable fine. Accidents occur faster than the reaction time of human beings Parallel systems, where the supervisory PLC is connected beside the Flux Vector Drive PES are superior to serial systems, which are not single-failure proof.


Crane and Lifting Equipment Engineer (Mechanical), Fennovoima

Primary hazard should be eliminated by design. Do you want to join our team? Michel Bunnik, Sales Manager of Global Projects, has seen a number of demanding lifting and transport projects. The special hoist is usually manufactured as a high-grade steel hoist austenitic materials making it possible for the hook to dip directly into the reactor pond.

You tka activities with the supplier and sub-suppliers, Fennovoima inter-discipline colleagues and Safety Authorities during all tka of the project.

The foreign visitors were deeply impressed about the openness and transparency of SKB and the Swedish nuclear waste handling process. Other important features are overspeed detection and emergency stop. The new safety device contains an endless screw rotated by the motor and controlled by the signals delivered by the hoist motor. These crane units serve to assemble the turbines and later on for the inspection and repair work in the machinery house of a power station.

It has broad experience of nuclear power plants in six countries.

Reactor Building Cranes – NKM NOELL

High local contact stresses between the steel core and the outer strands can cause severe internal breaks and discarding of the wire. The special conditions at the site demand a lot of remote-control solutions.

The e-technology is usually accommodated in a passable bridge girder. Lowering and even lifting is permitted in the event of electrical or mechanical failure in the hoist. Stromag has developed so-called negative brakes, which are fail-safe in case of power failure. He also referred to a similar network in another country, but that network was reactively created following a big disaster.


Stromag France SAS is a manufacturer of drive systems and power transmission components. Planning of the work stages was a problem until an animated 3D model was developed, which helped to verify all critical points and measures.

English-German Dictionary

There will be 48 main cranes and elevators and other small lifting devices in the new plant. Classification of lifting equipment, e.

The crane control generally takes place on the reactor level by means of a mobile control console or via remote control. The problem is that the core will break before the outer strands due to the design. The operations include fuel recycling, fuel manufacture and waste ktaa.

Reactor Building Cranes

kya Internal wire breaks are a problem. The double mechanism chain still allows safe lifting and lowering of hoist load in case of failure in the gear reducer, or a break in drum coupling or stub shaft.

Testing and inspection in factory conditions A challenging project — assembly of a new trolley for the polar crane in the containment. About Industries Our know how News Contact.