His son is India’s best-known cinema superstar – Amitabh Bachchan. The core of this book is a long sequence called Madhushala (the house of wine) which. Madhushala (Hindi: मधुशाला) (The Tavern/The House of Wine) is a book of Is Madhushala by Dr. Bachchan a blueprint of ultimate religion? Views . Madhushala is certainly the most famous poetry of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, and it propelled him into intense limelight relatively early in his literature journey.

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Live not madhusshala a flower, you’ll disintegrate the day you blossom; live like a stone, for once when carved, you’ll be a form of god.

मधुशाला by Harivansh Rai Bachchan

None of those words translate as beautifully as far as I know, it must be fun to try an English translation. Bachchan died on January 18,at the age of 95, as a result of various gachchan ailments.

Its written in form of quartets poem consisting of 4 lines ,madhushala is collection of his poems. Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. The poet says that the reader is the wine and he himself is the cup and by filling the cup, the reader will become an alcoholic. May 11, Divya rated it it was amazing. Their relationship goes through the period of acceptance, romance, separation and, in the end, self-revelation.

The simplicity with which the verses are strewn along haala, pyaala, saakibala and madhushala are bound to set you in a trance. And it has it’s elements, which have their own characters. Please don’t answer with the trivially obvious Jon Snow. He finally reveals that this book is the Madhushala and the readers are the drinkers. Until you succeed, sacrifice your comforts and sleep.

It has been translated into English and regional Indian languages such as Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam. There is so much depth in every ‘rubai’ and so much ‘nasha’ in this ‘madhushala’.


This appeals to novice poetry readers as well as veterans. The highly metaphorical work is still celebrated for its deeply Sufi incantations and philosophical undertones [1] and is an important work in the Chhayavaad Neo-romanticism literary movement of early 20th century Hindi literature.

Harivanshrai Bachchanji was among d best Hindi poets. If not for that tinge of unhealed wound, who would await bachchzn tender medication of the pale, nursing moon? There are total Chaupai 4-line verses and every one ‘Madhushala’ is not necessarily a tavern. Manna dey has sung and its v gud. Retrieved 6 March Inat the age of 19, Bachchan married his first wife, Shyama, who was then 14 years old.

If not for incomplete satiation, who would present the pool of eyes over which the new sun may dawn upon? Truly a man of erudition and zest! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Retrieved from ” https: A must read for poetry-lovers or reader in general. If darkness falls your way, your destination is somewhere out there–this is what a tired traveller thinks and strolls faster, and the sun sets sooner. Apr 16, Ambar Parashar rated it really liked it Shelves: You can’t ask for anything more from a book which is so good to read and beautiful to recite or listen.

He has been filling his inner self with this wine and has been consuming it through his imagination. In this period, he came under the influence of the independence movement, then under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. November 27, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Do You Like This Story?

8 heartfelt quotes by Harivansh Rai Bachchan that will make you look at life in a new way

Let’s take a look at some his most profound quotes that will forever serve as a guiding light in life. There is no rush. This book holds true for anyone and everyone. Sometimes it behaves like a woman, sometimes like a moderator, sometimes a teacher and sometimes i just run out of words to describe it. Views Read Edit View history. I found the whole universe in this book. Realizing that this was not the badhchan he wanted to follow, he went back to the university.


A Mechanical Engineer-turned-writer, Manabi finds solace bachcjan writing stories about unsung heroes.

Among various concepts,I loved how the poem develops the relation between man and his ‘Madhushala’. The book, after 80 years of it’s conception, holds true to me, and very many people who, in all their remaining capacities, are seeking for a refuge from all that the world represents. Note that the book doesn’t provoke to drink or to get addicted. I wonder if one can ever truly enjoy literature in a language other than his mother tongue.

The meaning of “Madhushala” that is interpreted is so subtle, so intricately woven, so finely balanced, that at times the literal reading of a few verses came across as a shock. These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth. Mitti ka tan, masti ka man, kshan-bhar jivan — mera parichay. Born on 27th November in an ordinary Kayastha family in a small town near Allahabad, Harivansh Rai gave up gave up his university education to participate in the significant upsurge of nationalism that began in