Mammillaria haageana is listed as Least Concern because it is widespread, common, and found in numerous protected areas. However, subpopulations near . Mammillaria haageana (elegans) (North San Luis Potosi) Rarely clusters and sometime divides dichotomously to form a clump of heads with age. It has close. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Cactus with a globose form. Foliage: The spines are modified leaves. It has thin, white radial spines ( mm long) which.

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Without latex or vaguely milky, whitish-yellowish, but not haaegana Tubercles: On the patio is different place the cactus in a partly shaded area until it become accustom to the sun.

Mammillaria haageana Photo by: They can be grown in the ground or in suitable containers which means that they are suitable as houseplants, being tolerant of the often dry atmosphere. Dahlia ‘Chat Noir’ semi-cactus dahlia black cat tuber.

Filaments whitish or pinkish. Downloaded on 12 January Each head is surrounded by a complete ring of starlike pink flowers. Some Mammillaria cacti can be propagated easily from offsets, which readily form in clusters around the base of the mother plant. Only a select few cactus will survive outside in temperate climates, because of winter rains and low temperatures.


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Mammillaria haageana – Wikipedia

Keep moist but not overly wet. Dahlia ‘White Star’ semi-cactus dahlia tuber. Puebla, Oaxaca, and Morelos. Depending on the size of the cut area, a callous will form over the cut surface. Encyclopedia Mammillaria haageana ‘Elegans’ Mammillaria ‘Elegans’. Jaageana selecting plants for use outside, one must look at the habitat from which the plant originates. There are ample variations among plants from different origin.

Mammillaria haageana ‘Elegans’

Do not water for a couple of weeks after repotting, in order to reduce risk of root rot via broken roots. Echinocactus grusonii golden barrel cactus. Depending on the species, they can grow either solitary or in clumps, and form a small globular or elongated shape.

Repotting is best done at the end of winter, but it can be done at other time, too. Please open the GardenTags app on your mobile device to sign in. Kuntze Neomammillaria haageana Pfeiff. Frost A little frost hardy: Dahlia ‘Ambition’ semi-cactus dahlia tuber.

It occurs in Cardonal-tetechera.

Dahlia ‘Nuit d’Ete’ semi-cactus dahlia syn. It can take up mammkllaria 12 months for them to reach this stage. Deep magenta-pink to pale pink, funnel-shaped, up to 10 mm long, mm in diameter. Once the callous has formed, place the new plant in a pot with a potting soil mixture and keep in a warm place until new roots emerge.


Water with a misting bottle or a watering can with a fine rose and cover the pot with a sheet of glass or plastic bag. It has close spination and white bristles in the axils. The plants are commonly associated with nurse plants, but can also occur in bare areas.

Dahlia ‘My Love’ semi-cactus dahlia tuber. A potted cactus will live and flower in the house if given enough light, place the plant near a bright lighted window, where it will receive light most of the day. Thank you for signing up!

Mammillaria haageana

We are, of course, seeking photos of species not yet shown in the gallery but not only that, we are also looking for better pictures than those already present.

Fruits can follow which are generally red and elongated. Solitary or clustering, it naageana stems cm in diameter, and deep magenta-pink to pale pink flowers to 15 mm in diameter; Distribution: Dahlia ‘Purple Gem’ semi-cactus dahlia tuber.

Globularor somewhat elongate in age, glaucous green, up to 15 cm high, 3- cm in diameter, apex wolly. Seeds or offsets if available.